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    Posted in Adv.erti.se News, Featured on May 4th, 2013 by Andreas Xavier

    We’ve upgraded the Xavier Media Banner Exchange site so we haveĀ  a new design and also a blog. As a bonus for all of our members we’ve also added some new ways of earning credits. For example you can earn credits by following our blog (you get 100 banner impression credits for every blog post notification you read), and if you tell your friends you get even more credits. Check out our “Earn More Credits” page for more ways of earning credits.

    At the same time as we upgraded the site we’ve also renamed the banner exchange to Adv.erti.se Banner Exchange to reflect that you actually advertise in the banner exchange. Hope you like the new name.

    Did you know that we’re now accepting guest blog posts also in our blog? You earn both credits and you get free marketing. Check out this page to read more about that.

    So check out our blog for more information and new ways of earning credits as we add them.

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